Zayna’s Cares Fashion Extravaganza 2013

Zayna’s Cares

On Sunday March 10, 2013, Zayna’s Cares held its second annual Fashion Extravaganza. I once again had the opportunity and honor of volunteering to help set up and run the event. While my own contributions were small, the goals of the charitable organization are very, very large.


Zayna’s Cares is a non-profit organization that helps children battling life-threatening illnesses. Created by Dallal Bayan, her family, and a group of very generous volunteers, Zayna’s Cares is an organization aimed at bringing together the community for a beautiful cause.


Twice now the event has been held in The Venetian Banquet Hall located in Garfield, NJ.  The large hall is filled with local vendors show casing their merchandise and services. From there, the event continues to dance performances from local dance studios. A fashion show consisting of countless girls and boys show casing local clothing designers styles is the highlight of the evening. Finally the event finishes off with Tricky Tray and 50/50 raffles.


The event is full of life and energy. This year, the child in need was a young 7 year-old Mahwah resident, Ava Rasmussen. The money raised will go to her and her family to assist them in their struggle with her illness.


Zayna’s Cares is an amazing organization and one that I personally love having the opportunity to work with the members in any capacity. I look forward to their next event and hope for it to be an even bigger success than this one!

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